Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are binding with the sending of your order.

We have formulated our terms and conditions as simply and understandably as possible. To avoid misunderstandings, we kindly ask you to read it carefully.

1. General & Scope
The General Terms and Conditions form the basis of all transactions with customers. The seller sells and delivers the goods on the basis of the following delivery and business conditions. If the buyer has different terms and conditions when ordering, then the seller's order confirmation is a new offer and the acceptance of the delivered goods by the buyer is considered acceptance of the offer. Deviating terms and conditions are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by the seller.

2. Prices & formation of the contract
All prices of the goods offered are final prices. An input tax deduction according to § 15 I No. 3 UtG of the tax on the acquisition is out of the question, since when applying § 19 UtsG an input tax deduction is generally excluded for small businesses. The stated prices do not include the shipping costs for the delivery of the seller's goods to the buyer. All offers are non-binding. We reserve the right to make calculation errors and price corrections due to typographical errors.

By activating/clicking on the "Send order / Buy" field, the buyer places a binding order for the goods and parts in the shopping cart and thereby automatically accepts the General Terms and Conditions. After the order has been sent, an acknowledgment of receipt is automatically sent to the buyer. The purchase contract is only concluded with the delivery, not with the confirmation of receipt. We reserve the right to make partial deliveries. The shipping costs specified in the web shop and in the confirmation of receipt are generated automatically and are therefore not binding. Deviations can occur in favor of or against the buyer. If the actual shipping costs differ to your disadvantage by more than €10.00, we will inform the buyer in advance. Money transfer costs, which are only a transitory item for us, are not displayed.

3. Delivery & Dispatch and Delivery Times
In principle, worldwide delivery is possible, but we reserve the right to refuse deliveries to certain countries. If there is an exclusive sales partner for the customer's country, we will forward the customer's enquiry/order in these cases. We cannot give a guarantee for the delivery time due to the supply route. However, we endeavor to deliver the customer's order within the specified period of time for the respective product. The delivery periods apply from receipt of payment, order confirmation or both. The delivery will only be sent when the parts are available. Partial deliveries can be made on request. If additional costs arise as a result of the telephone delivery compared to the usual delivery, these will be invoiced to the customer in addition, unless they have already been invoiced.

Shipping takes place via DHL, UPS or a freight forwarder. As soon as the handover to the commissioned transport company has taken place, the risk of shipping and the costs are transferred to the buyer. This condition also occurs in the case of carriage paid delivery. If the buyer wishes an additional transport insurance included in the respective shipping method, then the buyer also assumes the following costs for this. If there is a delay in transport or delivery of the goods through no fault of our own, the goods will be stored at the expense of the buyer. The buyer will be charged daily storage costs of EUR 5.00 without proof or with proof of the actual amount. The acknowledgment of receipt from the respective transport company is sufficient as proof of proper dispatch of the goods.

Upon receipt of the delivery, the goods must be checked immediately for transport damage. Acceptance will only take place against acknowledgment of the damage. If the buyer only determines the damage later, the customer must immediately report the damage to the transport company without culpable hesitation and in a timely manner and take the necessary measures to determine the damage. Transport damage is only to be directed against the transport company and not against the seller. Goods that have been damaged during transport must not be returned to the seller under any circumstances, but must be made available to the transport company. In the case of recognized damage by the transport company, we will make a replacement delivery to the buyer. Corresponding documents are to be sent to the seller. The terms and conditions apply analogously to a new order. The costs for the replacement delivery are to be paid by the buyer to the seller. Consequently, the buyer invoices the transport company for the replacement delivery.

Delivery dates, deadlines and agreements with such are